Moon Inside You and Monthlies double DVD


Moon Inside You and Monthlies double DVD


Moon Inside You
director's cut

Like many other women, Diana has been suffering from problematic periods for years. With every new cycle, the same question arises: “Why the pain and annoyance if I am healthy?”.

Her initial innocent curiosity sparks off an emotional voyage to the very roots of femininity and life. The Moon Inside You is a fresh look at a taboo that defines the political and social reality of both women and men in a more profound way than society might be willing to admit. Facing the menstrual etiquette with doses of humour and self-irony, the documentary approaches the subject through both personal and collective references, thus challenging our preconceived idea of womanhood.

Duration: 75' 

Languages: English, Español, Slovak, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, български, 中文, हिन्दी

Director: Diana Fabianova



What is menstruation? What changes in a young girl’s life when it first arrives?

Monthlies is a coming of age story of girls that are about to face a new period of their lives. Along with them the young spectator explores the colorful female world hidden behind the everyday reality. What starts as innocent curiosity turns into a witty and emotional trip of exploring the female body and new range of emotions.

Duration: 30'

Languages: English, Español, Slovak, Français, Deutsch, हिन्दी

Director: Diana Fabianova

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